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  • Linear and Abstract

    "Deconstructed, re-assembled and overpainted, I enjoy the reconstruction technique involved in making these large-scale linear paintings and the multi-layered, collaged, quality of the finished work". Painted in oil on card, the abstract series is a response to place, climate and perspective.
  • Connect 3

    Connect 3 is an artist collective formed in 2018 with writer Letitia Austen and photographer Marit Ohrvik. We grew up together on a housing estate in Norwich and remain friends more than 40 years later. This year we are collaborating on a project close to our hearts: an exploration of place, shared experience, family and friendship. Our work will be exhibited in Norwich in a group show in 2019.
  • Closer

    My still life work is inspired by Mousehold Heath in Norwich, where I spent a lot of time as a child, playing, making dens and going for walks with my family. My grandmother's house backed onto the heath, so my sister and I spent most Sunday mornings exploring and having adventures. Each painting uncovers the abstract qualities of plants, trees and seedheads, closely observed in thickly layered and textured oils.
  • Doodles

    Ink and watercolour drawings inspired by everyday moments, people and places. Odd and happy things that punctuate life. I sell prints and cards but not the original artwork.